Learning Disorders

May 17, 2023
Learning Disabilities
Learning Disorders are characterized by limitations in academic progress. These diagnoses not only affect successful academic performance in one or more areas, but also may interfere with social and emotional development.

Common characteristics of Learning Disorders include inability to meet academic achievement, and discrepancy between one's ability and performance in academic areas. 

While etiology of Learning Disorders is not fully understood, genetic as well as environmental factors have been attributed to the diagnosis. Within the Learning Disorders there are defects that are associated with specific disabilities. Specifically, Reading Disorder, Mathematics Disorder, and Disorders, Mathematics Disorder, and Disorders of Written Expression, with each characterized with specific deficits or subtypes. 

The diagnosis is performed using application of biopsychosocial approach utilizing structural/functional brain imaging, electrophysiological studies, and neurocognitive testing (e.g., neuropsychological evaluation, behavioral and psychoeducational assessment) which is offered by Beyond ADHD under the care of our multidisciplinary assessment team.